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We produce simple binary mixtures through to complex multi-component gas mixtures in a range of cylinders sizes.  CAC GAS offers non-refillable (low volume) cylinders and high pressure (large volume) cylinders and low pressure cylinders.
All valve types are available including AS, BS, CGA and DIN as required. Gases are supplied with a certificate of composition. Cylinders are labelled with the gas volume, pressure, our reference, date of manufacture and shelf life.
For more information on our gases see our Certified Reference Materials or Calibration Gas pages.
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Non-Refillable Cylinders

High Pressure Cylinders

Low Pressure Cylinders

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    Specialty Cylinders

    TO Standards for Volatile Organic Compounds Monitoring

    TO 14, 15, 17 standards for VOC monitoring and soil sampling are available in all configurations 39, 41, 62 or subset component mixtures.  Gas mixtures for all VOC’s including BTEX mixtures, Isobutylene and other organic vapours are available.

    View our TO Standards webpage for more information.

    3L High Pressure Cylinder & ISO 17025 Marine Emissions Test Kit

    The ISO 17025 Marine Emissions test kit provides SO2/CO2 calibration gases for marine stack gas analysis.   The kit provides the equipment necessary to calibrate and test CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems) to meet airborne pollution levels in the MARPOL Annex VI.

    The kit comes with the mobile carrying case; two 3L (600 litres of gas @ 200bar) high pressure cylinders of chosen gas; a compact, single-stage cylinder pressure regulator and tubing.

    The case is made of highly impact-resistant plastic. It’s temperature resistance is between -40 ° C and +80 ° C. The all-round impact protection features make it shock and impact absorbing. This case is lockable with an ergonomic, telescopic handle and wheels for a secure and convenient solution.  

    Lecture Bottle Cylinders

    Lecture bottles are a traditional cylinder type used for scientific research applications where lower volumes are required in a variety of gases and purity grades. Lecture bottles are available for many gases from ammonia to xenon. 

    For a complete list of gases click here.

    Lecture bottles have a 0.4 litres water capacity, measure 310 mm long by 50 mm diameter and come with a CGA 180 valve.   Lecture bottle stands are also available.

    ISO17025 Mixtures in Non-Refillable Cylinders

    In addition to all our ISO 17025 mixtures being available in high pressure cylinders, certain ISO 17025 mixtures are available in non-refillable cylinders.

    View our ISO17025 in NRCs webpage for more information and a list of our capabilities.

    Constant Pressure Cylinders
    CP constant pressure cylinder

    Designed with an internal piston and seals, the CP2 cylinder is pressured with an inert gas supply, and then turned around and filled slowly from the opposite end. By letting the gas push against the piston, slowly venting the pre-charge gas, the sample is taken at full line pressure from start to finish. While the cylinder is being emptied, full pressure is being maintained and the gas composition is not being altered as a result of pressure reduction. The cylinder is equipped with valves, safety reliefs, and gauges on both ends and thus the pressure can be controlled and monitored at all times on both ends.

    View our Constant Pressure Cylinder webpage for more information.

    Sample Cylinders

    The Single Cavity Sample Cylinder and the Absorbent Tube Cylinder are available for gas or liquid sampling in a variety of applications. 

    View our Sampling Cylinders webpage for more information.

    Bottles & Ampoules



    CAC GAS provides a wide variety of liquid reference materials / calibration standards. These standards are gravimetrically prepared and N.I.S.T. Traceable by weight with the gravimetric values verified by one or more analytical methods.  

    ASTM compliant and ISO17034 Liquid Standards in bottles and ampoules. 

    • Heavy Hydrocarbon Liquids
    • Crude Oil
    • Liquid Phase Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)

    Available in 1 mL, 2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL, 20 mL, 50 mL, 100 mL, 200 mL, 500 mL ,and 1 liter sizes.


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