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Leaders in Specialty Gas Solutions

Specialising in gas products for gas detection, process gas analysis, environmental monitoring, and laboratory gas analysis applications in Australia and worldwide. 

Our product Categories

CAC Gas & Instrumentation was established in 2008 to provide Australian and New Zealand customers with exceptional customer support when sourcing calibration gas, specialty gas mixtures, associated gas control systems, gas generators, and more. 

Gases, Liquids, and Liquefied Mixtures

We source specialty gas mixtures globally providing the highest quality reference, certified, EPA, ISO 17034, and ISO 17025 gas mixtures for all your technical requirements.

Gas Generators, Calibrators & Mixers

CAC Gas provides multiple solutions for creating on-site customized gas standards. A variety of options are available from Peak, ACD, and Alytech.

Sampling Systems & Sample Cylinders

Gas sampling & conditioning systems for the oil & gas industry (NG, LNG, Crude Oil, Light Liquid), and for water/wastewater industry. Sampling cylinders, constant pressure cylinders, and a full range of regulators, valves and probes are also available.

Odorization Systems

Welker Odorization Systems are industry leading for safe, accurate, and emission-free spiking of odorant into natural gas streams. Spare parts and accessories are also available including probes, monitors, eliminators, and spill kits.

Hydrogen Injection Systems

By consistently injecting precise volumes of hydrogen, the ECOsystem™ helps you achieve the desired hydrogen concentration in your natural gas pipeline to reduce emissions and protect your infrastructure and consumer appliances.

Specialty Gas Regulators

Pressure and flow regulators are available for non-refillable and high-pressure cylinders. Our precision analyser solution provides regulators, connectors, and tubing with optional SilcoNert coatings for highly sensitive applications.

Gas Distribution & Gas Control Systems

A variety of gas control items are available including tubing, hose assemblies, inlet & outlet connections, splitters, fittings, outlet points, manifolds, control panels, and fully customisable gas distribution systems.

Calibration/ Bump Test Stations

Simplify the process of calibrating or testing gas detection instruments and gas analysers. Any of the systems can be stand alone or incorporated into a complete gas distribution system.

Cylinder Handling & Storage

A variety of gas cylinder storage and handling items are available including cylinder lifts, carrying cases & bags, disposal tools, gas cylinder enclosures, and cylinder restraints.

Featured Products

Our featured calibration and specialty gas products, service, or supplier. Check back frequently to see updates.


Access our technical experts to help you develop effective and efficient solutions with your OHS, process, environmental and laboratory calibration gas applications.


Every application is different. Choose a supplier that has a thorough understanding of your challenges and can provide appropriate and timely solutions for your specific application.

Reliable Products
& Service

The impact of unreliable or poorly serviced products is injury or even death. Work with a supplier that prioritises product quality and the highest service levels in everything they do.

Our Services

CAC Gas & Instrumentation offers a variety of services. Click the links below to learn more about each service. 


Regulator & Gas Control Systems Assessment

CAC GAS offers gas quality measurement systems and process gas chromatographs evaluations based on ISO 10723 to improve metering, validate systems, and reduce financial risks.


Recycling & Refilling

As part of our environmental initiatives and with your participation, CAC GAS aims to recycle or reuse all of our calibration gas cylinders.

hand work and start Gas Chromatography Analyzer in laboratory

Total Product Supply Analysis

CAC GAS evaluates clients’ calibration and specialty gas needs in four key areas and guarantees up to 20% reduction in their annual procurement costs.


Commissioning Services

Commissioning services for its Gas Distribution Systems (GDS-100) to automate gas detection docking station systems and ensure proper installation, testing, and commissioning.

PErformance evaluation

Performance Evaluations

CAC GAS offers gas quality measurement systems and process gas chromatographs evaluations based on ISO 10723 to improve metering, validate systems, and reduce financial risks.

Proficiency Testing Scheme

Proficiency Testing Scheme

CAC GAS and EffecTech provide the Global Gas and LNG (GGLNG) proficiency testing scheme on a quarterly basis, evaluating laboratory performance and accuracy with up to four gas mixtures in accordance with ISO 17043.

    Free Calibration & Speciality Gas Analysis

    Save up to 20% PA on your annual calibration and
    speciality gas mixtures purchases. Fill out the form with your contact information and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 


    Calibration Gas Cylinder Recycling & Refilling

    As part of our environmental initiatives and with your participation, CAC GAS aims to recycle or reuse all of our calibration gas cylinders. Find out more about our recycling and refilling program here or contact us to learn about the benefits of becoming one of our recycling partners.

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