Zero Emissions Odorizers

Welker Odorization Systems are industry leading for safe, accurate, and emission-free spiking of odorant into natural gas streams.

Spare parts and accessories are also available including probes, monitors, eliminators, and spill kits.


The Welker ECOsystem™ Pumpless Vapor Injection System is turnkey odorization system for proportional to flow natural gas odorization in low, high, and variable flow conditions for locations with a regulated pressure differential.

Welker Original triple solenoid systems—with a low flow, high flow, and backup solenoid—are ideal for locations with wide variations in flow rate.

ECOsystem™ Liquid

The ECOsystem™ Liquid Pumpless Injection System is based on the zero-emission design of our standard ECOsystem™ and incorporates the accuracy and verification of the Accu/Line™ family of smart odorant injection systems. The proven technology of the ECOsystem™ eliminates the use of pipeline gas as the instrument supply. And with no methane released during normal operation, this odorization system helps you reach emissions reduction targets.

Accu/Line™ Zero Emissions

Reduce methane emissions with Welker’s proven technology! The design of the Accu/Line™ Zero Emissions includes all the key features of the Accu/Line™ family of smart odorant injection systems but eliminates the use of pipeline gas as the instrument supply, meaning no natural gas is released during normal operation.

This Accu/Line™ is a turnkey odorant injection system designed to inject liquid odorant proportional to flow into natural gas pipelines with flow rates from 10 Mscfh up to 70 MMscfh.

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