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TO Standards for VOC Monitoring

TO 14, 15, 17 standards for VOC monitoring and soil sampling are available in all configurations 39, 41, 62 or subset component mixtures.  Gas mixtures for all VOC’s including BTEX mixtures, Isobutylene and other organic vapours are available.

constant pressure cylinders

Liquefied Gas Mixtures

Liquefied gas mixtures are available in a range of different cylinders including constant pressure (CPC), collapsible liquid vessel (CLV) and standard gas cylinders fitted with dip tube valves.

Liquefied gas mixtures are used where the application demands calibration with ‘heavy’ or longer-chain hydrocarbons. They have the advantage of closely matching the product being analysed, while also allowing a greater number of calibrations with the same cylinder, when compared to a gaseous mixture.

Gas Mixers & Diluters

CAC Gas provides multiple solutions for creating on-site customized gas standards. Software controlled, the GasMix line is based on mixing, diluting and injecting two to twelve gas standards. Easy to use, GasMix™ is a versatile tool for laboratory, environmental or industrial application.


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