Low Pressure Cylinders

Low Pressure cylinders are designed for non- reactive gases where the gas mixture is such that the vapour pressure will be very low. The low pressure cylinder is a cost effect method of maximising volume and minimising cost.

Mini Cal Cylinder

Miniature Calibration Standards are great for on-the-spot calibration. Each standard is blended and trans filled into a low pressure, steel, one-liter cylinder. These cylinders are best suited for natural gas, and refinery gases.

  • One-liter low-pressure cylinder with a brass CGA 170 valve.
  • Mini Regulator is recommended for this cylinder.

The Brass Mini-Regulators are crafted with safety in mind for leak proof gas applications. The low pressure regulators utilize a CGA 170 fitting. These brass regulators offers “push-lock” precision control over gas pressure and features a non-relieving diaphragm to protect your lab environment. It accepts a 1-15 psi outlet and a 0-300 psi inlet.

LP 2.5 Cylinder

Cylinder Material: Steel

LPG Capacity: 9.4L

Water Capacity: 11.8kg

Cylinder Volume: 11.8 litres

Cylinder size: 23cm x 43cm

Empty Weight: 6.0kg

LP 5 Cylinder

Cylinder Material: Steel

LPG Capacity: 17.8L

Water Capacity: 21.6kg

Cylinder Volume: 22 litres

Cylinder size: Diameter 30cm x 46cm

Empty Weight: 8.0kg

65380 LP Cylinder

Cylinder Material: Steel

LPG Capacity: 51.88L

Water Volume: 64.86kg

Cylinder Volume: 64.87 litres

Cylinder Size: 30cm x 114cm

Empty Weight: 22kg

LP 350 Cylinder

Cylinder Material: Steel

LPG Capacity: 86.7L

Water Capacity: 108.1kg 

Cylinder Volume: 108.1 litres

Cylinder Size: 41cm x 127cm

Empty Weight: 34kg

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