Odorization Cleaning & Maintenance

CAC Gas provides a range of Welker supporting products for cleaning and maintenance.

OdorEyes Spill Kit

Welker’s solution for emergency response to liquid odorant spills.

OdorEyes MerCapture™ Kit

Effectively neutralize and trap the smell of odorant for transport and shipping.

OdorXice™ Plus

Welker OdorXice™ Plus removes odorization chemicals added to natural gas. This non-toxic solution is water soluble and effectively eliminates odors caused by mercaptan, sulfide, and thiophene from containers, parts, vehicles, clothing, and tools instead of merely masking the smell.


Rooted in Welker’s commitment to creative, quality solutions, they engineered the SafeBurn™ to exceed your expectations. Safe, portable, and easy to use, the SafeBurn™ Odorant Flare is designed to burn off odorant vapors and blanket gases from tanks up to 1000 gallons prior to maintenance or decommissioning.

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