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Through a complete analysis of all areas we guarantee we’ll find ways for you to save on your annual calibration and specialty gas mixtures purchases by up to 20%. We’ll also provide you a report filled with recommendations on what you can do to improve your current situation. Please note this analysis does not include carrier gases or industrial/non specialty gas mixtures.

In our free onsite analysis we’ll review: 

  • Calibration gas for gas detection instruments
  • Environmental – stack gas (CEMS) and fugitive emissions
  • Process On-line analytical gas measurement
  • Laboratory GC gas analysis

We possess the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your total annual consumption of calibration and specialty gas mixtures, and provide a cost effective solution to meet your needs. This includes how you purchase, what you purchase and logistics of moving dangerous goods.

With product improvement you’ll experience efficiency improvements which will lead to cost reduction. Now that’s something every business likes!

Register now for a free onsite analysis by filling in the form, or contact us at 1300 CACGAS to speak to a specialist directly to learn more about what’s involved.

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