Outlet Connectors: Specialty Gas Regulators

Outlet connectors are available for all specialty gas regulators including tube compression fittings, hose barbs and flexible stainless steel hose connections.

Each connector is sold separately or included in our range of specialty gas regulators. 

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HP Regulator with 4M connector

The 4M connector provides a ¼” NPT male connector for applications such as flexible stainless steel tubing where a simply screw on connection is satisfactory.

HP Regulator with 400 connector

The 400 and 200 connectors are compression fittings allowing connections to rigid stainless tubing. The 400 connects to ¼” and the 200 to 1/8” tubing.

HP Regulator with 200 connector

HP Regulator with 200 & pigtail

HP Regulator with 400 & Rigid Tubing

200 & 400 with Rigid tubing

Outlet Connectors

Quality fittings from Swagelok ® available from stock* with SilcoNert 2000 ® coating

*1/8”NPT to 1/16”, 1/8”, & ¼” tube fitting only

When connecting a tapered thread fitting, these are the steps:

  1. Ensure both male and female threads are totally clear of all debris, including residual thread tape from previous connections.
  2. Apply 2-3 winds of PTFE (thread) tape to the male fitting, starting from the first thread. (see video: PTFE Tape Applications)  
  3. Thread the male fitting into the female fitting until finger tight.
  4. Use a wrench to tighten until “wrench tight.” There is no specific torque rating for tapered fittings. Wrench tight is normally 2-3 full turns from finger tight. Do not apply excessive force as the thread will become damaged and the fitting will leak.
  5. Use a leak detector (like Swagelok Snoop or some soapy water) to check the connection for leaks.

Note: thread tape is for use on tapered fittings only. Thread tape should not be used on cylinder valve connections.



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