NRC C10 Connections

A variety of outlet connections are available to provide total flexibility for customers who wish to use smaller gas cylinders NRC (non refillable cylinders) with specialty gas regulators or utilize flow regulators with high pressure cylinders.

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NRC with C10 Adapter & HP Regulator

C10 Connector

Allows connection of a disposable(NRC) cylinder to a specialty gas pressure regulator.   This is very popular were a small volume of gas is required such as in research or university applications. (HP Regulator w C10 Adapter & cylinder pics) Available in brass and stainless steel.


Allows connection to a high pressure outlet to attach other regulators such as flow regulators. (HP cylinder and connector o2 & 03 picture) Material is stainless steel.


The C-CGA600C10 eliminates the need for two regulators. The connector will screw onto a standard C10 regulator providing the correct connection for the 34DS steel cylinder.


Allows connection to a C10 regulator within a bump test station when larger volume/high pressure gas cylinders are required.  Material is stainless steel.

C10 Adapter with High Pressure Regulator

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