Natural Gas Sampling


GSS-4PM Composite Gas Sampler extracts a sample from the flowing product in the pipeline and uses positive displacement to capture a representative sample.


HGS Heated Gas Sampler is a composite sampling solution for natural gas at or near the hydrocarbon dew point.

Essential Gas Sampler

The Essentials™ Gas Sampler is the most cost-effective, compact, and accurate gas sampling solution on the market.


SSM-1 Spot Sampling Manifold is designed to optimize natural gas spot sampling procedures by reducing liquid carryover and preventing the creation of liquids.

Sample Probe

Spot sampling or composite sampling. Liquid or gas. The Welker SP Sample Probe can do it all.

Steam Cleaner

The Steam Cleaner uses steam heat to efficiently and effectively clean multiple non-passivated double-ended sample cylinders before sample collection.

Single Cavity Cylinders

SC Single Cavity Cylinder is designed for the safe collection and transportation of natural gas and light liquid hydrocarbon samples.

Constant Pressure Cylinders

From start to finish, the Welker CP-2 Constant Pressure Cylinder is the container for the safe collection and transport of accurate samples for laboratory analysis.

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