MGS SERIES: Gas Distribution System Calibration Test Station

  • Manual calibration and test station
  • Each channel is independent for specific gases
  • Flow rate adjustable to your instrument requirements
  • Stainless steel design
  • Wall or bench mount capability


The MGS is a gas distribution system designed for applications where manual calibration and testing is required.

Available in two, four, six, eight or more outlets the stainless steel construction and highly resistant flow meters allow the MGS to be used for all gases including chlorine, ammonia and other corrosive gases.

Gas inlets and outlets are designed for different gases or can be linked together to common gas requirements.


The MGS is the perfect gas distribution system for technicians as it allows the technician to set the flow rate and run the calibration gas for the length of time required.

The system can be bench mounted or wall mounted and is easily connected to gas cylinders via stainless steel hose assemblies.

The MGS can be used with high pressure cylinders or non-refillable cylinders making it versatile for use no matter what volume of gas is required.

Special designs are available which can include on demand flow regulators for instruments with internal pumps.

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