Crude Oil Sampling

Essential Crude Oil Sampler

The Essentials™ Crude Oil sampler is a probe-mounted volume regulator with a 3-way solenoid for remote operation. It’s a low-cost, low-maintenance composite sampler ideal for light, stabilized crude oil.

inFlow ACE Crude Oil Sampler

HGS Heated Gas Sampler is a composite sampling solution for natural gas at or near the hydrocarbon dew point. With an adjustable insertion length and sample volume, fast sample speeds, shaft and seal protection, purge tube, and optional insertion tool, adapt the inFlow™ ACE to meet your changing needs and maintain sample integrity.

InFlow Crude Oil Sampler

inFlow™ Crude Oil Sampler is the sample extractor for most main line sampling applications. Inserted into the center one-third of your conditioned pipeline, the inFlow™ collects isokinetic samples of condensate, crude oil, and other liquid hydrocarbons. With an adjustable insertion length, optional automatic insertion, and four collection heads to choose from, there’s an inFlow™ poised to take advantage of your process conditions.

inFlow Fixed Crude Oil Extractor

Direct-mount or with a pipe spool, the fixed insertion length of the inFlow™ reaches the center one-third to collect isokinetic samples of condensate, crude oil, or other liquid hydrocarbons. Sized for bypass sampling or small main lines, the inFlow™ is also well-suited for use downstream of separators and on Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Units for truck and rail car loading and unloading.


The inLoop™ Crude Oil Sampler is a fixed volume positive displacement pump designed for crude oil and light liquid sampling applications. Ideal for lines up to 1″, incorporate the inLoop™ into a bypass sampling system to collect quality sample grabs proportional to flow or time with the inLoop™ at the heart of your bypass sampling system.

inLoop ACE

 inLoop™ ACE Crude Oil Sampler takes representative samples from a bypass loop in accordance with industry standards API 8.2 and ISO 3171.

TCC Optimum

With the TCC, you can collect, transport, mix, and re-mix stabilized crude oil all in the same container.

Plug & Purge

The first of its kind, the Welker Plug & Purge™ Automatic Purging System meets the latest recommendation of API 8.2 and ASTM D4177.


Confirm actual sample grab size from one convenient spot.


Prevent costly shrinkage with Welker’s award-winning CPCCP Constant Pressure Crude Oil Container.

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