The 552L High Pressure Cylinder

552 Cylinder-971370-edited-390906-edited-1The 552DS cylinder is designed to take advantage of the convenience and portability of the 103DS disposable steel cylinder as well as the high capacity of a typical larger, high-pressure cylinder.

High-capacity, hands-free

552 backpack-03-613494-editedWhen used with our custom-designed GCBP-552 backpack, you can take advantage of the high fill pressures for maximum capacity while still maintaining portability and hands-free operation for calibration of fixed detectors. The backpack holds the cylinder with regulator attached and includes a flow control element to start and stop flow without removing the backpack.


Dangers of CO/CO2

Typically, CO and CO2 must be avoided in high-pressure cylinders. Refillable cylinders containing CO or CO2 should be made of aluminium for safety reasons. The long-term effects of CO and CO2 reacting with steel can cause embrittlement and weakening. Refillable cylinders can be in service for decades, over which period the cylinder can weaken to the point of catastrophic failure (explosion without warning). Disposable cylinders with a shelf life of 5 years will not have this issue, and therefore we can safely fill this type of high-pressure cylinder with mixtures containing CO and/or CO2.


Coal mining

The 552DS cylinder is made of mild steel and uses a brass valve, both compatible with requirements for underground use.  Combination CO/CO2/CH4/O2 mixtures provide a total solution for calibrating fixed underground sensors.


Parking Garage CO sensors:

Carbon Monoxide sensors are used extensively in underground parking garages. The 552DS with backpack is ideal for this purpose.


Methane Fixed Systems Oil/Gas:

Fixed system calibration for methane is an ongoing requirement in oil & gas refineries and gas plants. The 552DS provides the volume of gas required to calibrate or test the large number of fixed heads in these applications.


Compatible regulators

High-pressure cylinders typically require an expensive high-pressure regulator. The 552DS is compatible with CAC Gas’ range of high-pressure flow regulators, specifically designed for calibration of gas detection devices. These operate in the same way as regulators for the smaller non-refillable cylinders.


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