Choosing your Gas Cylinder Size: The 112 Litre Solution

For much of the past 25 years little had changed in the availability and selection of calibration gas cylinders/mixtures for gas detection applications. Manufacturers were happy to enjoy the profits of selling 58 litre cylinders for standard 4 gas (H2S/CO/CH4/O2) mixtures and single corrosive gas mixtures.

It was not until 2008 when CAC GAS & Instrumentation in partnership with Scientific and Technical Gases (UK) introduced a unique and customer-focused solution. The 112DA Cylinder.

This was the first disposable gas cylinder pressurize to 70 bar (1000psi) for use with gas detection instruments.  Prior to this, gas cylinders were pressurized to only 35 bar or less.

This increased pressure provided the opportunity to double the gas volume in the same size cylinder giving customers, for the first time 112 litres of gas, in the same size cylinder as the 58 litre.

The benefits were quickly realised and it became known as the 112 Litre Solution!



  • Lowering the cost/litre price of calibration and bump test gas.
  • Reducing ordering frequency.
  • Reducing the cylinder purchase cost.
  • Reducing the disposal and recycling cost.
  • Reducing the internal handling cost.
  • Improving the efficiency and productivity of technicians by providing more gas in one cylinder.

This solution became even more accessible to the market in recent years with the introduction of a 2-year shelf life of H2S/CO/CH4/O2 mixtures.  This allowed companies to move to the 112 litre cylinder when they used 2 or more smaller cylinders within that 2-year period.

Not only do customer enjoy cost and efficiency benefits but the 112 litre cylinder provides an environmental benefit with half the number of cylinders being produced and disposed of.

Additionally, our new recycling program eliminates the need to send cylinders to land fill. All CAC GAS cylinders can be recycled. CAC GAS delivers greater value while meeting your environmental objectives

.112L pic.jpg

In applications were a physically smaller cylinder is required, such as in confined space kits, often a 34 litre cylinder is used. Again, the benefits of providing customers with larger gas volumes in the same size vessel was recognized.

In 2013, CAC GAS introduced the new 65DA cylinder providing customers with 65 litres of calibration gas in the same sized cylinder as the 34 litre.

The same benefits apply, whether your choosing the 112 litre cylinder over the 58 or the 65 litre cylinder instead of the 34.

Today, CAC GAS continues to develop unique solutions for the gas detection market place with the objective to put the customer’s needs first – improve productivity & efficiency while reducing cost.


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