Calibrating Process Analysers with the On-Demand Flow Regulator.

The ODFR-1001 is an On-Demand Flow Regulator providing flows between 0.3 – 3 litres per minute.

This regulator is ideal for calibrating or testing process analysers which have an internal pump to draw in the gas sample.

The on-demand flow regulator is available in a low pressure version, for use with disposable gas cylinders up to 70 bar, and a high pressure version, for cylinders with pressure up to 300 bar. Both versions work identically. 

HP Cylinder with ODFR-1001-HPODFR-1001-HP attached to a High Pressure Cylinder

Once the on-demand flow regulator is connected to the appropriate gas mixture the regulator will not flow gas. There are no on/off knobs. Gas will only flow when a vacuum from a sampling device opens the regulator diaphragm and allows the gas to flow. The gas flow rate will be directly proportional to the analyser or sampling system flow rate. There is no requirement for flow meters or other control devices.

By using the ODFR, the analyser sampling pump draws the calibration gas into the instrument at the flow rate required.

Gas bags, or “T” assemblies, which can prove to be inaccurate when calibrating a gas analyser can be eliminated.

The ODFR (On Demand Flow Regulator) is available in both nickel plated brass and stainless steel so it can be used for all gas applications.    


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