Gas Distribution Systems for Non-Docking Station Applications

The GDS-100 Gas Distribution System was originally designed to provide an efficient method of utilizing high pressure/large volume gas mixtures with gas detection docking stations.

Although excellent for this application the GDS-100 has also proven to be a beneficial stand-alone system for both calibration and bump testing applications.

The GDS-100 consists of large volume gas cylinder(s), cylinder regulator, hose connections, GDS outlet panel(s) and point of use regulators.


  1. High pressure Gas lead
  2. Panel Mount Regulator – Cylinder Mount Regulator available
  3. Interconnecting hoseline (rigid or flexible stainless)
  4. Gas Distribution panel with manifold, Ball valves, outlet connection blocks on stainless steel backing panel
  5. Docking station or calibration station connections. (tubing)
  6. Outlet Panel regulators as required
  7. Docking Station, calibration test or bump test station.

The core of the GDS is the outlet panel(s) which is the delivery system to provide the calibration or bump test gas mixture to an unlimited number of instruments.

Standard panels are either two or three outlets. These can be linked together to create five outlets or more. Multiple outlets to accommodate specific applications can also be designed. There is no limit to the number of outlets which can be run from one cylinder of gas.

The flexibility of the two and three outlet panels allows the customer to have outlets placed in different locations within a given area. For example, if you had twenty workers testing their instruments at the same time then spreading out the panels in the testing room makes it easier for workers to get in/out of the area reducing waiting time.

Distance is not an issue as the gas mixtures are pressurized to 10bar, fed through stainless steel hose (either flexible or rigid), so you can have outlet panels a long distance from each other.

In the end the customer requirement dictates the design and location of the panels.


Where multiple gas types are required, panels are designed to accept one of more gas types with dedicated outlets for each gas mixture. All components are stainless steel allowing the GDS-100 to be used with all gases, including corrosive gases.

Each panel is equipped with C10 valve connections. This permits the use of any C10 regulator which is normally used with standard disposable cylinders.

Fixed Flow, Push Button or On Demand Flow regulators can be used in any port in the panel.

Typically a Fixed Flow regulator is used for diffusion instruments and an On Demand Flow regulator for internal pumped instruments. As many customers have both styles of instruments they can mix and match the regulator to suit their instrument.

Where a customer want to create a Bump Test Station, the PBR – Push Button regulator is popular as it cannot be left on.  Just push the button to release the gas and it stops when you take your figure off the button.

The GDS-100 becomes a very efficient “manual” bump test and/or calibration system. For more information on our GDS-100 System, download our eBook.


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