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Improve your Bump Testing Program and Increase Worker Compliance

Portable gas detectors are designed to protect workers against potentially life-threatening occupational health environments. Verifying their proper performance is an essential part of any gas monitoring safety program.

Bump testing your gas detector daily or prior to use is the best way to be sure the instrument is working correctly and will respond to a gas exposure.

Unfortunately, the essential step of bump testing or function testing instruments each day prior to use, is too often overlooked.  This can occur because gas is not readily available, the gas location is not convenient for workers or technical skills are required to perform the task.

There are solution available on the market that can simplify this process, encourage regular testing of instruments and create a safer working environment for everyone.

What is a Bump Test Station?

Bump Test Stations are easy to use systems for bump testing personal gas detectors. This simple test can be performed in less than 60 seconds and will give you the peace of mind that your instrument is responding to gas properly, prior to beginning your shift.

A simple push of the start button activates the flow of test gas. A green light turns on,
indicating the system is working. In about 30 seconds all alarms on the instrument should be activated. If they are not, the instrument should not be used and sent in for service. The station will then automatically shut off, and the green light goes out. Bump test complete!

Bump Test Stations can be used by those with minimal training and will prevent an inexperienced user from testing an instrument incorrectly improving your testing procedures.   The automatic shut off system prevents draining an entire cylinder which can happen with manual systems.  No need to connect cylinders each time and turn gas cylinders on/off.  They are compact, wall mountable and can be delivered setup to operate with the desired flow rate, duration and gas types that are specific to your needs.

Large job sites with multiple instruments can utilise a number of these stations spread out across the workplace. This will allow multiple users to bump test their instruments simultaneously, minimising time spent performing the test and therefore increasing productivity.

Bump testing each instrument before use is the smartest way to ensure your gas detector is working correctly. The CAC Gas Bump Test Station makes this procedure as quick and simple as possible creating a safer workplace for all.


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