How to Save Money by Choosing the Correct Gas Cylinder Size

Did you know purchasing the appropriate size cylinder could potentially cut your gas purchase costs in half? Here we show you how to easily calculate what size cylinder and how much gas you need to buy.

Calibration gas for many businesses is a consumable no different from ink cartridges; paper, pens or milk for coffee. It is often considered an unavoidable ongoing business expense. But it shouldn’t be. Purchasing calibration gas should be based upon proper evaluation to provide the greatest cost and efficiency benefits.

Determining your annual gas usage will allow you to minimize your costs and maximize your efficiency when selecting the correct cylinder size for your instrument fleet.

For many, calculating annual gas usage can seem daunting, time consuming or even useless altogether. By investing a small amount of time familiarising yourself with the safety procedures of your business, saving money on the cost of gas could be simpler than you think.

Our Free Gas Calculation Tool

The CAC Gas Calculator is a free, powerful tool to help you do just that. Simply fill in the blanks for calibration, bump testing and the number of instruments you have and the program calculates the total gas volume automatically.

CAC Gas Calculator  

Save Money by Calculating How Much Gas You Need

Once the overall usage has been calculated you may be surprised to find out just how much, or how little gas is being used. If you are consuming 672L of gas per year and currently purchasing 20x 34L cylinders you have the opportunity to move up to 112L cylinders and only purchase 6 of them. This represents savings not only on the cost per litre of gas but also on the shipping, administration and storage costs.

You may find that you are consuming enough gas to move up to even larger high pressure cylinders. If this is the case the savings can be further multiplied. The cost per litre is again reduced and considering many gas mixes have an extended shelf life when packaged in high pressure cylinders this could equate to only purchasing one cylinder every two years instead of multiple cylinders each year.

An example shows the savings. Based upon a 4gas mixture of H2S/CO/CH4/O2 

34 litre cylinder:     $8.00 / litre
112 litre cylinder:   $5.30 / litre
750 litre cylinder:   $3.10/ litre
1500 litre cylinder: $1.87/ litre

Being familiar with the procedures involved with maintaining your gas monitors is crucial for a safe workplace. Purchasing the correct amount of gas is a simple way to save money on an unavoidable business expense. The CAC Gas Calculator is a powerful tool to help businesses do just that and allow them more time to concentrate on what they do best.


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