Regulator Purge Valves

Chem-Master Purge Valves are designed for use with high purity and corrosive gases to ensure system integrity during gas source changes or maintenance and repair.

Purge valves;
>  provide safety by preventing the release of toxic gas or corrosive gases into the workplace when changing cylinders
> provide corrosion resistance by preventing corrosive or halogen gases from coming into contact with atmospheric moisture
> maintain purity by preventing air from infiltrating high purity systems at the time of cylinder change.

Chem- Master Regulator Purge Valves:

Deep Purge:

The Deep Purge may be used to purge the entire regulator body or just the cylinder connection at the time of cylinder change.   The Deep Purge performs a positive displacement purge of the system.

Through Purge:

The Through Purge is effective in purging the regulator cavity and downstream system.  An isolation and vent system is installed downstream from the regulator to direct the vented gases to a safe location.   This type of purge is best suited to pressure cycle or dilution purging.

High Pressure Purge:

The High Pressure Purge connects to a regulator body through the high pressure inlet port. The purge gas is vented through the regulator body to a safe location downstream. This type of purge is best suited to pressure cycles and dilution purging.

**Regulator is not included.


Inlet Pressure:
Maximum 300 bar

All Stainless Steel AU, BS, CGA fittings

316 Stainless Steel

Non Return Valve Seal:
EPDM or Viton


Metal to metal

-20c to +60c

Helium Leak Integrity:
1 x 10-9 mbar I/s

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