GFS: Gas Flow Selector

The GFS has been designed to provide a solution for manually calibrating instruments with multiple sensors. A simple turn of the dial allows calibration gas to be selected and delivered to a single instrument. Housed in a 15cm x 15cm x 11cm powder coated steel enclosure, and all wetted materials are fully inert & corrosion resistant for use with reactive & corrosive gases.

Different versions are available for 2-6 gas inputs for either pumped or diffusion instruments using either non-refillable cylinders or large volume high pressure cylinders.

The switch on the front rotates to different positions. Each of the location indicates which gas/channel is selected. There are positions for calibration gases, zeroing and an off position (diffusion versions).

  • GFS-201 Two Gas inputs for pumped instruments
  • Select calibration gas with adjustment dial
  • Compatible with corrosive and non-corrosive gases
  • Used with pumped or diffusion instruments
  • Multiple calibration gases to one instrument


  • GFS-401 Four gas inputs for pumped instruments
  • GFS-601 Six gas inputs for pumped instruments
  • GFS-301-D Three gas inputs for diffusion instruments
  • GFS-501-D Five gas inputs for diffusion instruments

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