Disposal and Recycling of Gas Cylinders

Recycling gas cylinderOnce you’re done with your calibration gas cylinder it’s important to safely dispose of it. All CAC GAS cylinders can be returned to us for proper disposal. Some can be reused, others cannot. No cylinders should be put into general waste and it can be difficult to find a recycler who will accept cylinders.

All CAC GAS cylinders can be returned, regardless of cylinder type. Cylinders of other brands may or may not be accepted. Please refer to our recycling partners or check with CAC GAS customer support before returning non-CAC cylinders.

The following advice relates to CAC GAS brand products only.

High-pressure cylinders should be returned to CAC GAS for re-use. They should not be completely drained, nor left with the valve open. We will pick up your CAC GAS high pressure cylinders, free of charge, anywhere in Australia

Non-refillable cylinders can be returned to CAC GAS or disposed of. If you are disposing of your own cylinders it is important to be aware of the following:


  • Determine whether your cylinder is empty

You can do this by depressing the valve pin with your finger. If the pin moves easily, the cylinder is empty. If the pin doesn’t move easily, then you should first connect a regulator to empty the cylinder before attempting to use the DT02 disposal tool.

  • Know what type of disposable cylinder(s) you have

Group Shot DA34DA / 65DA / 112DA – Luxfer. The standard ‘non-refillable’ aluminium cylinder from CAC gas. This cylinder can be re-used once the valve is changed. Look for the word ‘Luxfer’ stamped into the shoulder of the cylinder. We encourage all customers to return this cylinder to CAC so that we can refurbish and re-use them. Do not attempt to use out DT01 disposal tools on these cylinders or the tool will be damaged.

  • 60DA and other aluminium cylinders

These cylinders are used for some corrosive gases such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide and phosphine. Check with CAC GAS customer support before attempting to use the DT02 disposal tool.

  • 103DS and 34DS

DS Family-1These steel cylinders are not reusable and should be recycled. Before they can be given to the metal recycler they should be emptied (class 2.2 only) and the valve pin removed in order to prove depressurisation. Use the DT02 tool for the 103DS and the DT03 tool for the 34DS.

Cylinder disposal tool for 103DS (DT02)DT02 – Cylinder Disposal Tool for 103DS

Cylinder Disposal Tool for 34DS (DT03)DT03 – Cylinder Disposal Tool for 34DS


  • Regulated Waste

Before you drain any cylinder be aware of local waste guidelines. Some states have rules regarding industrial waste which can apply to calibration gas mixtures. For example, in NSW the EPA controls regulated wastes. For a gas to be a regulated waste it must first be classified as dangerous goods under the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail Edition 7.5, 2017. Section of this code states:

Gases of Division 2.2 are not subject to this Code if they are transported at a pressure less than 200 kPa at 20°C and are not liquefied or refrigerated liquefied gases.

This means that any cylinders with a green label on them are not DGs if they are empty, therefore, are not considered a regulated waste. Class 2.1 (flammable, red label) and Class 2.3 (toxic, white label) residual gases are still considered to be dangerous goods no matter the pressure.

Check with your local state authority before draining any cylinders. CAC Gas does not recommend draining of any class 2.1 or 2.3 gas mixtures.

Do Not:

  • Vent a cylinder unless you know what is inside
  • Cut, puncture, or de-valve a cylinder unless you have verified it is empty
  • Send a cylinder in the post unless you have verified it is empty
  • Ship pressurised cylinders unless you have completed a dangerous goods declaration
  • Put a pressurised cylinder into general waste


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